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Sporting Saint – Gundog Training Equipment

Sporting Saint is a Specialist Worldwide Supplier and manufacturer of Quality Gundog Training Equipment – Catering for all aspects of gundog training. Beginner through to Advanced level We are a small family owned business that train and work our own gundogs, enjoy days out , picking up, beating, shooting or simple socialising. Philippa Jones (Mrs) foundedContinue reading “Sporting Saint – Gundog Training Equipment”

NGO Moorland Branch Keeper tackles Tim Birch’s Disney World view of Conservation.

NGO Moorland Branch member Richard Bailey talks openly on todays Farming Programme. the radio 4 programme took a well balanced stance which was a refreshing change. it is clear though that the view points are polarised to say the least, but how can anybody believe that Tim Birch’s Disney Eutopian world would work is beyondContinue reading “NGO Moorland Branch Keeper tackles Tim Birch’s Disney World view of Conservation.”

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