Feed specialist for Marsdens Game Feeds Jamie Horner shares his advice on preparing for the season ahead

With unprecedented global price inflation of wheat and other raw materials and the continued challenge of Avian Influenza, the viability of many shoots has been directly impacted. Once again uncertainty has pushed back preparations for the season ahead and for keepers starting this process it has never even more important to maximise the potential of your birds for the best returns this year.  

The best nutrition

Even with the price of game feed so high, investment in nutrition pays dividends in maintaining the quality of your shoot. For quality shooting you need fit, healthy, high-flying birds; and nutrition can influence each of those attributes. Managing a few less birds, done well, is often better than larger bird numbers which brings with it the temptation to cut corners.  

Once poults have hatched and initially found feed and water in their brooding environment, the emphasis is on ensuring that the birds continue to feed- the correct pellet size formulated with the right components for that stage of the birds life will support feed consumption.

Marsdens grower diets are formulated to support healthy growth in your poults – including support the development of their digestive and cardio-respiratory systems, skeletal development and muscle and feather growth.

Furthermore, with a fishmeal inclusion the Marsdens grower range is packed with nutrients which mimic the game bird’s natural food, making it an excellent preparatory feed before release.

Crop cover

Paying close attention to the natural environment for your birds also plays an important role in ensuring a successful shooting season. The right cover crops can ensure birds feel safe and protected, crops that provide a canopy can be helpful in achieving this. Also, the cover crops need to provide a feed element as this will also help to attract and hold the birds. Careful selection of the correct crop cover and consideration of soil type will maximise the effectiveness of the crop.

With so many different options suitable for different sizes of shoot, your objectives and the environment, choosing the best cover crop can be confusing. The Marsdens team can recommend a specific mix to suit your needs.

At Marsdens we understand the significant challenges facing the industry. We seek to work with our customers to mitigate these high costs and have a range of diets suitable to meet your needs. Please talk to the Marsdens team on 0330 678 0984 to discuss the options available to you and your business.

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