Feed specialist for Marsdens Game Feeds Jamie Horner shares his advice on preparing for the season ahead

With unprecedented global price inflation of wheat and other raw materials and the continued challenge of Avian Influenza, the viability of many shoots has been directly impacted. Once again uncertainty has pushed back preparations for the season ahead and for keepers starting this process it has never even more important to maximise the potential ofContinue reading “Feed specialist for Marsdens Game Feeds Jamie Horner shares his advice on preparing for the season ahead”

Host an educational visit – help educate

Brian Hayes from the NGO’s charity the Educational Trust urges you as ‘wildlife wardens’ to spread the word by inviting others to see your work. In 2022 the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation celebrates its 25th anniversary so now is the time for all keepers to help get the message of gamekeeping and conservation working hand toContinue reading “Host an educational visit – help educate”

Taking the financial worry out of hospital stays

It’s easy to take good health for granted. When you are fit and well it’s natural to assume you will – despite the occasional cold or other minor illness – remain fit and well. But regardless of how much you exercise and watch your diet, your physical well-being is fragile and prone at any timeContinue reading “Taking the financial worry out of hospital stays”

Keep your covers growing

Despite global chaos – and hesitation among some shooting estates about how this year will pan out – Chris Bright, managing director of Bright Seeds, reports that business remains a hive of activity Working within government guidelines, we are still processing a vast amount of maize, game mixtures and stewardship wild bird crops as demandContinue reading “Keep your covers growing”