What’s in a name?

If you weren’t called a gamekeeper what would you be called? In last month’s edition of the NGO’s Keeping the Balance magazine, it raised a thorny question and looked at the arguments on both sides of the debate. Back in the spring, Guns on Pegs ran an article asking whether gamekeepers should change the nameContinue reading “What’s in a name?”

Replanting hedgerows in Nidderdale

Another fantastic article written by the Nidderdale Moorland Group explaining how sporting estates do a lot of conservation work that does not just benefit shooting. The Estates are managing the ground so that they can be enjoyed by future generations. Alongside digging drainage grips on our moorlands after the two world wars, we also lostContinue reading “Replanting hedgerows in Nidderdale”

NGO Moorland Branch Keeper tackles Tim Birch’s Disney World view of Conservation.

NGO Moorland Branch member Richard Bailey talks openly on todays Farming Programme. the radio 4 programme took a well balanced stance which was a refreshing change. it is clear though that the view points are polarised to say the least, but how can anybody believe that Tim Birch’s Disney Eutopian world would work is beyondContinue reading “NGO Moorland Branch Keeper tackles Tim Birch’s Disney World view of Conservation.”

NGO YouTube Channel

The NGO have been working on developing another social media platform and we are pleased to announce a new official YouTube channel that is now live. The content will vary but many of the films that are going to be released will showcase the good work that gamekeepers do and the environmental, economic and conservationContinue reading “NGO YouTube Channel”

DEFRA Launches A Consultation – England’s Tree Strategy

The government hope that this consultation will inform a new England Tree Strategy which they say they will publish later this year. The strategy will set out policy priorities to deliver our ambitious tree planting programme. It will focus on expanding, protecting and improving our woodlands, and how trees and woodlands can connect people toContinue reading “DEFRA Launches A Consultation – England’s Tree Strategy”

Keep your covers growing

Despite global chaos – and hesitation among some shooting estates about how this year will pan out – Chris Bright, managing director of Bright Seeds, reports that business remains a hive of activity Working within government guidelines, we are still processing a vast amount of maize, game mixtures and stewardship wild bird crops as demandContinue reading “Keep your covers growing”