NGO YouTube Channel

The NGO have been working on developing another social media platform and we are pleased to announce a new official YouTube channel that is now live.

The content will vary but many of the films that are going to be released will showcase the good work that gamekeepers do and the environmental, economic and conservation benifits that come from shooting sports.

These films can be shared by you to your non-shooting contacts and you too can help defend gamekeeping and shooting by getting our good message out to a wider audience.

The films will be released fortnightly and will showcase various topics and interviews.

Many of these films have been done in partnership with other conservation bodies such as the British Deer Society, The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, The NGO Educational Trust as well as BTO bird ringers Brights Seeds and more.

We will also be filming and releasing other segments that might be of interest.

The NGO YouTube channel can be found here

Full films will start to go live on Monday 20th July 2020 and then every fortnight.

We would encourage you to share all the relevant films far and wide outside of our sector to spread our wonderful message.

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