NGO Moorland Branch Keeper tackles Tim Birch’s Disney World view of Conservation.

NGO Moorland Branch member Richard Bailey talks openly on todays Farming Programme. the radio 4 programme took a well balanced stance which was a refreshing change. it is clear though that the view points are polarised to say the least, but how can anybody believe that Tim Birch’s Disney Eutopian world would work is beyond me.

A spokesperson from the Peak District Moorland Group went on to say:

In the usual fashion on the 12th August, the media run stories about upland management, we feel that Farming Today have done a good job in sharing two sides of the upland management debate.

To cut to this fast forward to 4 minutes into the discussion on the link provided.

Its fascinating that Tim Birch from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust believes a wildlife navana can be achieved in the Peak District without wildlife management intervention from man. One in which Black Grouse, Pine Martin, Red Squirrel and Golden Eagle will all be seen on a ramble around Lady Bower reservoir, along with 13million visitors the Peak District attracts, maybe he should start with addressing the problems our iconic Curlew are facing from the ever increasing fox population and loss of suitable nesting habitat?

Also fascinating that over 80% of public reported seeing an increase in raptors in the Dark Peak in a recent poll on its webinair, but still he says there are none?

Enjoy the Glorious 12th today, whether you are walking, shooting, cycling or picnicking…the heather is looking fantastic.

Follow a link below to the Farming Today Programme

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