CAB Animal Transit Boxes

Dog Transit Boxes:
CAB manufacture dog transit boxes for any UK make & model vehicle within the parameters of the vehicle. You can choose between two main design types CAB1 & CAB2. Our most popular design the CAB2 consists of a dog box with double doors & a removable divider allowing you to separate the box into two compartments or have one large single box. Keyed door locks, ant-luce fittings, door handles & a 3mm non slip mat come as standard. If you do not want to take up the full boot space or have limited available space, CAB offer a CAB1 design or half box with a single door allowing you to transport you dog safely while still retaining space within the boot. All CAB1 boxes have an anti-luce fitting, keyed door lock, door handle & 3mm non slip mat as standard.

We offer a number of optional extras allowing you to fully bespoke your design including a rear escape panel, bumper protection mat & a top tray. CAB can also supply your box with a built in 12v fan & led lighting which can be either hard wired into your vehicle or supplied with a lead & 12v plug to simply plug into your vehicles auxiliary socket. Cab also offer as an alternative a 12v fan that clips onto the box door & can be removed when not required. One of our most popular optional extras a door drinker available in two sizes complements the range.

All CAB boxes are constructed out of 6mm polypropylene with a leather grain effect on the outside & smooth on the inside for hygiene & cleaning purposes. Aluminium & stainless-steel doors combined with full-length stainless-steel piano hinge add to the strength & security of the door design. The boxes are fully sealed allowing any dirt, hairs or accidents to be contained within the box & not spread around the vehicle. The boxes can be jet washed cleaned & a drainage plug allows the dirty water to escape from the box.

Pickup Systems
Our most popular product by far is the CAB Full Pickup System which come in a number design options & consist of a dog transit box combined with a drawer system. CAB can build a system for any UK pickup model with or without a canopy fitted. Our most popular design consists of a CAB2 double box combined with a double drawer system & side boxes which fill the void up to the wheel arches. The pickup system as with our dog transit boxes is constructed with the same hardwearing & proven materials. The drawers are full length being able to hold a rifle or shotgun without being broken down, saving valuable time on a shoot. The drawers are built with no drawer runners, simply running on a cushion of air. This allows for a very smooth action & will not be affected by dirt & hairs which can clog up drawer runners like the majority of similar products on the market. CAB dog transit boxes & drawer systems are hard wearing & easy to maintain as they can be fully jet washed resulting in many enjoyable years of use.

Other designs available include a single CAB1 box which can be combined with or without a double or single drawer system and a triple box design allowing the box to be divided into 3 compartments.

We also manufacture boxes to fit between the wheel arches or built around the wheel arches to give a snug fit & maximise the available space fully. For those whose pickup does not have a canopy fitted we manufacture a CAB “Outback” box with either a single or double door option, these boxes come with a sloped roof, grab handles, side shackles & removable door covers to protect the dogs from the elements.

A number of optional extras are available depending on a client’s budget & requirements & include:
A 12v trunked ventilation system which allows the air from the built in fan to be circulated evenly throughout the box without a blast of air in the dogs faces. 12v LED internal lighting with chew proof stainless steel protection provides that reassuring light & can be combined with a 12v LED work light giving a very bright light to the rear of the vehicle when accessing the dogs or items from the drawer system. Both the fan & lights can be hard wired to your vehicle if required with the switches located in a position of the client’s choice. Alternatively, the fan & lights can be supplied with a lead & 12v plug as with our CAB1 & CAB2 dog transit boxes. Other options include a tailgate flap to help prevent a dogs foot from being injured in the gap between the tailgate & the rear of the truck, ¼ dividers which are used to divide the box into additional smaller compartments, a side deer tray, door drinkers, water container & holder & even a wellie holder to keep those muddy boots safe & tidy.
CAB Drawer systems can be ordered independently without a dog transit box & are popular amongst the shooting & construction industry who require secure storage for guns, ammunition or tools. As mentioned previously the drawers run smoothly on a cushion of air & like every CAB product built by hand to order. CAB drawer units are available in both single or double drawer combinations & come in a range of heights from 7” to 14”. A number of optional extras are available including a removable drawer divider system, removable storage caddy & removable dog biscuit/food container.

CAB manufacturer a number of combinations for vans including a double CAB2 box, 2 up 2 down system & a triple box design to suit most needs & requirements. All UK van models are covered & as with all our products every box is hand built to order. The markets we supply include the security industry, professional dog walkers, dog transportation companies, Police Forces & Prison Service. A drawer system can be added to the van boxes to provide a multi functioning system & maximising the available space. All CAB van boxes come with rear escape panels, removable dividers, key locking doors & internal non slip mats as standard. To complete the van system, we offer trunked ventilation & 12v LED lighting as with our pickup systems & again these can be hard wired to the vehicle or provided with a 12v plug & lead.

Bespoke Designs
To complement our full range every product can be made to a client’s bespoke design & we also manufacture bespoke projects, working with the client on their initial design ideas through to the finished project. To simplify this if your design will fit within the parameters of your vehicle or kennel, CAB will manufacture it.

CAB can be found on all social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Youtube.

CAB can be contacted on:
01653 697096

CAB Animal Transit Boxes, Unit 13, Lavenham Business Centre, Charles Street, Oldham, OL9 7AH

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