Taking the financial worry out of hospital stays

It’s easy to take good health for granted. When you are fit and well it’s natural to assume you will – despite the occasional cold or other minor illness – remain fit and well. But regardless of how much you exercise and watch your diet, your physical well-being is fragile and prone at any time to being suddenly undermined by an illness or accident that requires a stay in hospital. 

On being admitted to hospital the last thing anyone needs is to be worrying over money. Unfortunately, the financial demands of mortgages, household bills and other living expenses are not suspended because you need hospital treatment. And although remaining in good health can’t be guaranteed, what can be relied upon is that those bills will keep on coming even if your ability to pay them is, like your health, also weakened.

To ensure a setback in your health does not mean a setback in your personal finances, the Hospital and Medical Care Association (HMCA) offers a solution that removes all financial worries while you are in hospital.

For only £19.50 a month HMCA’s Hospital Sickness and Injury Money Plan provides £225 tax free for every night you spend in hospital up to 365 days for either sickness or injury up to £82,125 a year.

You receive payment whether you are treated in an NHS or private hospital, and even if you have a medical plan. The money is paid direct into your bank account and can be spent in any way you choose: to pay bills, replace lost income or even for a holiday to aid your recovery after you are discharged from hospital.

Other benefits include 24-hour worldwide protection that sees payments double to £450 a night should you be hospitalised abroad. And if you suffer an injury involving public transport that results in hospitalisation, the payments also double.

Applying for the Hospital Sickness and Injury Money Plan involves no medical examination or health check and your cover begins from the day your application is received. Furthermore, if you have an existing medical condition from which you are treatment and symptom free and have needed no medical examinations or check ups for 12 months after taking out your plan, it will also be covered. 

HMCA has been providing highly competitive health insurance exclusively to trade, professional and membership organisations since the 1970s. Tens of thousands of policy holders in the UK enjoy the security and financial benefits from its plans. A dedicated and experienced team of health insurance professionals are available to deal with your enquiries and claims, 95% of which are processed on the same day they are received.

Money can’t buy you good health, but it will give you financial security at a time when you most need it. HMCA’s Hospital Sickness and Injury Money Plan eliminates the anxiety over money that being admitted into hospital can bring, allowing you to concentrate fully on getting better.

For further information and quotations contact HMCA by telephone on 01423 799949 or visit the exclusive HMCANational Gamekeepers Organisation website here: https://www.hmca.co.uk/ngko

HMCA/S PLC (trading as Hospital and Medical Care Association, HMCA and HMCA Members) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN:307587). HMCA/s PLC is a company registered in England, company number: 01362094, registered office: Beech Hall, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, HG5 0EA.

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