Reduce Interventions – Support Game Health and Rearing Success Naturally

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a serious issue affecting all livestock, poultry and humans alike. As concerns about AMR increase, so does the global restriction on antibiotic use in animal production, and emphasis on research into effective natural alternatives. 

Game birds can be exposed to a range of different bacteria, viruses and parasites in their natural environment. Inputs need to be effective at managing disease challenges, help build robust, resilient birds and ensure optimal bird health, all of which help game producers improve their returns and protect their investment.

The gastrointestinal tract contains a diverse range of microbes, and ensuring a balanced microbial population is beneficial not only for bird growth (e.g. digestion and nutrient absorption), but also for the development of bird’s immune system, disease resistance and their ability to cope under stress.

Effective Natural Alternative: ‘Orego-Stim Liquid’ Oregano Essential Oil

Natural Oregano Essential Oil (OEO) contains over 100 different compounds, all of which together gives OEO its ‘triple-anti’ properties: anti-microbialanti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory

When included in poultry diets, OEO can help to promote a healthy and robust gut, allowing birds to cope better against bacterial challenges, and reduce the severity of disease. 

Therefore, rearing high quality birds by ensuring their overall health and performance can help to reduce interventions and antibiotic usage.

  • Aromatic smell & taste to help attract birds.
  • Maintains intakes through critical stages of growth, e.g. from chick to poult. 
  • Helps support bird’s natural defence & immune response.
  • Helps through periods of stress, e.g. disease, predation, disturbance, heat.
  • Supports litter quality.
  • Supports growth.
  • Supports flight performance.
  • Optimises feed efficiency.

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