Setting up Poults for Success Naturally

Great days in the field in any season are all about the planning and setting birds up for success. Establishing the right physical foundations for your poults to enable the bird to achieve optimal performance, will not only result in well-developed birds capable of “flying high” to keep customers returning year on year but ensure the most profitable return for your business.  

An effective feed programme and selection of high-quality feeds will promise to support skeletal development and all-important flight muscle deposition, but maintaining gut health is key to achieving fit healthy birds which are well adapted to the environment.  Getting the most out of your feed is achieved by supporting the development of fundamental gut structures, such as the intestinal villi, and establishing a diverse and well-populated gut microbiome, but how?  For many keepers the use of natural feed additives has proven an effective investment to support growth and development of poults, as well as helping to “naturally” safeguard health throughout the season.

Orego-Stim, developed from a source of 100% natural oregano essential oil (OEO), is one such solution and has been adopted by many keepers to support natural immunity, gut health and bird fitness from a young age, and throughout the season.

The intestinal tract of the poult is fundamental in supporting the activation of the immune system and developing a strong immune response. This is crucial in minimising early mortality and producing a robust and healthy adult bird capable of dealing with disease challenge and periods of stress.

OEO has been shown to support early development of the gut structures, such as the microscopic intestinal villi. These finger-like projections line the intestinal tract and are important for nutrient absorption. An increased villus height means a greater surface area for nutrient absorption. Orego-Stim supplementation has been associated with an increased villus height in poultry species, helping to enhance digestive support and function.

In addition, OEO has demonstrated anti-protozoal properties, helping to reduce the impact of disease challenges, such as coccidiosis and blackhead. If you have experienced these diseases previously you will be aware of the potential negative impact on bird welfare and profitability, as they may result in malabsorption, poor growth performance, high mortality rates and impaired feed efficiency. Trial work has demonstrated that Orego-Stim was effective in reducing the impact of coccidial and blackhead challenge in poultry, having a beneficial effect on growth performance, development of natural immunity and on intestinal health.

Non-synthetic sources of OEO, derived from the whole oil, have been shown to contain over 100 different active compounds, including carvacrol and thymol, which work in synergy to offer several well-documented properties and functions. This includes antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antioxidant functions, all of which have an important role in maintaining gut health and ensuring optimal lifetime health and performance of the birds on the range.

The aromatic and flavouring properties associated with oregano encourage retention and reduce birds straying. Orego-Stim can be supplemented in to feed or water, offering flexibility for keepers to use throughout the production cycle; whilst there is significant benefit from using throughout the lifetime of the bird.  Orego-Stim can be introduced at any point to support retention, gut health, and natural immunity, it has been shown to be particularly useful during periods of stress – disease challenge/heat/environmental factors.

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