The NGO fights for shooting in Wales

Statement in response to letter from Julie James, Minister for Climate Change, Welsh Government

The NGO will continue to fight for shooting in Wales, after the ‘Aim to Sustain’ partnership received a letter from Julie James, Minister for Climate Change in Wales, who emphasised that: ‘The Welsh Government does not support the shooting of live quarry as a leisure activity’. 

David Pooler, Interim Chairman of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation and a gamekeeper based in North Wales, said:

“These businesses are people’s livelihoods. How can the Welsh Government come out and state it’s lack of support for a legal activity that is the backbone of the economy in many areas of rural Wales?

“We would like to know what the detail of this lack of support looks like. Seeing it written down in black and white clearly shows a lack of understanding of rural Wales and how much of its unique biodiversity relies on areas that are managed for shooting.

“We want to create a positive future for shooting in Wales, where gamekeepers continue to work on projects that help limit the impacts of climate change and manage land in ways that result in a net gain for biodiversity.

“In the meantime, the NGO will continue to work with its partners and members in the shooting sector to work with the Welsh Government and not against them to bring about both economic and environmental success.”

One thought on “The NGO fights for shooting in Wales

  1. So all the land that has been looked after and kept for generations and is now part of Wales beautiful country will go to rack and ruin due to the loss of shooting and gamekeepers at the front of preservation and habitat over the generations has created the countryside as we know it taking out the key workers i.e. the gamekeepers that look after the land for the game which increases wildlife I am shocked in their decision to ban gamekeepers and country life for what purposes are they trying to achieve


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