NGO Long Service Awards to be presented at the British Shooting Show

When the CLA decided to give up running their game fair in 2015, they kindly gifted the running of the Long Service Awards made to gamekeepers to the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation.  

We have awarded this prize every year since, and will be presenting the Long Service Awards, in association with Elanco, at this year’s British Shooting Show in February.  

This is the 60th consecutive year the award has been presented since it was started by the CLA in 1962, and we are delighted that this coincides with the 25th anniversary of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation. Gamekeepers, ghillies, deer stalkers and river keepers who have worked in keepering for 40 and 50 years are eligible to apply for this award which is run in association with Elanco. In addition, in 2011 the NGO instituted an annual award for the best gamekeeping student, the Frank Jenkins Memorial Trophy, which hopes to identify a student who shows outstanding practical and theoretical skills and has the ability to be an ambassador for the sport. 

We know that these awards are important to keepers, and for that reason, we are very proud to present the awards, and plan to do so for as long as the NGO is in existence.  

A spokesman for the NGO said: 
“We are delighted to be able to present an award that recognises the commitment individuals have invested into the career of gamekeeping. Gamekeepers are true practical conservationists, and have been at it for a long time.” 

It has come to our attention that another long service award for gamekeepers, as well as one for young gamekeepers, has recently been announced. This has understandably caused some confusion among our members regarding the future of the NGO Long Service Awards. We can confirm that the newly created awards at the Game Fair are completely separate and unrelated to the original NGO awards. We were unaware of their plans – let alone consulted – until we read of their plans online, and were as surprised as our membership will be! 

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