The Parliamentary debate on Heather Burning. 18th November 2020

Below is a fantastic article ahead of the Westminster Hall debate on Heather Burning. It is written by the Peak District Moorland Group, it dispels the common misconceptions that are far too often spread about by those who have other agendas. Ahead of the Westminster Hall debate today, originally promoted to discuss the practice ofContinue reading “The Parliamentary debate on Heather Burning. 18th November 2020”

Raptor Licensing – a way forward

Wildlife crime is a hot topic at the moment and it is being fuelled by the populist belief that everything written on social media by those with an agenda against shooting is gospel. This film that has been produced by Scotland’s regional moorland groups is a very well balanced view of a way forward inContinue reading “Raptor Licensing – a way forward”

Solo, A Bowland Success Story.

Yet another good news story from one of the private shooting estates in the Forest of Bowland. After the RSPBs claim of wholesale raptor persecution during lockdown the truth is now becoming very clear, infact Raptors are doing very well indeed on managed ground. So well, that a leading Harrier expert stated that this isContinue reading “Solo, A Bowland Success Story.”