The new ‘Boxlock’ from Longthorne Guns

‘Lockdown’ hasn’t been a complete waste of time for one gun making company. Naturally, observing ‘distancing’ and hygiene measures, most of the production team at Longthorne have continued to work and have been able to concentrate their efforts producing ‘stock’ of their latest range along with completing customers orders and catching up on service work.

Following their philosophy of tradition, combined with new technology, produces the best results, English gun makers, Longthorne have just produced their first ‘boxlock’ to compliment their existing range of luxury ‘true sidelock’ guns.

The company have aimed to design a gun more suited to the clay shooting market and at a lower price point. Their ‘boxlock’ trigger plate mechanism is a tried and tested design which has fewer parts and a simpler mechanism and therefore can be manufactured more cost effectively. Although this is ideally suited to the clay market there are options available which can adapt them to make them equally appealing to game shooters, for example shorter lighter barrels and the company are in the process of developing a greater selection of engraving designs, which will probably be launched next year.

There has been no compromise in quality. The new design ‘boxlock’ incorporates their renowned globally patented ‘Longthorne’ barrels, manufactured from a single piece of high specification steel, resulting in guns which can be proofed for steel and have an excellent strength to weight ratio and negligible felt recoil/muzzle flip.

There are 3 models currently available, the Sporter, Sporter Deluxe and Sideplated. It is anticipated that these will be sold through dealers as an off-the-shelf model and the company already have 11 eager Dealers lined up in the UK and one in the USA for when demonstration models become available. 

These models will come with standard stock dimensions but it is possible to upgrade to a fitted or adjustable stock.

Made completely at Longthorne’s Northampton factory, these are available in 12 gauge only initially, Chambered for 3”, Proofed for steel with multi chokes (to ½ choke), 30 or 32” barrels with front sight bead, multi-choked as standard with 5 chokes, adjustable trigger, choice of 3 forend wood shapes, ABS leather trimmed case, sporting style stock with recoil pad.

Upgrades currently include:

  • Fitted stock 
  • Wood upgrade
  • Lightweight game barrels

UK retail prices for the ‘boxlock’ start at £11,995.00 to £21,995.00 including vat

If you would like to be kept in touch with updates register to receive Longthorne’s newsletter at or contact 
Phone +44 (0)1772 811215

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