The new ‘Boxlock’ from Longthorne Guns

‘Lockdown’ hasn’t been a complete waste of time for one gun making company. Naturally, observing ‘distancing’ and hygiene measures, most of the production team at Longthorne have continued to work and have been able to concentrate their efforts producing ‘stock’ of their latest range along with completing customers orders and catching up on service work.Continue reading “The new ‘Boxlock’ from Longthorne Guns”

Your Local Gun Shop Needs You!

Like many businesses, gun dealers have also been hit by having to close their stores during the confinement period. So Browning and Winchester have decided to ask for your help in supporting them. Let your gun dealer know that you intend to purchase a Browning or Winchester gun from them and we’ll send you aContinue reading “Your Local Gun Shop Needs You!”