Jumbo Release Pen Netting – Collins Nets

Jumbo Release Pen Netting, also known as Heavy Game Net, is an excellent alternative to wire netting. It is very easy to handle and to erect. It will not rust and is exceptionally strong – ideal for building release pens.

Until about 10 years ago gamekeepers were using galvanised wire netting in 2 mesh sizes for the perimeter fence of a release pen. Since then semi-rigid black plastic netting has improved in quality, and is ideal for the top part of the pen. It is lighter in weight which makes it much easier to work with, and it is much less visible than galvanised wire. 

Jumbo Release Pen Netting is a high strength mesh structure which is ultra violet stabilized, weighing 80 grams per square metre with approximately 50mm holes.

But if you go all the way to the ground with the plastic mesh there is too much risk of rats chewing holes. So for the bottom part of the pen you should always use 25mm – 31mm galvanised wire netting. 

Jumbo Release Pen Netting comes in 3 sizes as follows:

  • 4 ft x 100 mtrs
  • 5 ft x 100 mtrs
  • 6 ft x 100 mtrs – this size is also commonly used as deer fencing. 

Here at Collins Nets we have a good stock of all sizes. Bulk quantity discounts are available when you buy 10 or more rolls.


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