Solo, A Bowland Success Story.

Yet another good news story from one of the private shooting estates in the Forest of Bowland. After the RSPBs claim of wholesale raptor persecution during lockdown the truth is now becoming very clear, infact Raptors are doing very well indeed on managed ground. So well, that a leading Harrier expert stated that this isContinue reading “Solo, A Bowland Success Story.”

The Browning X-Bolt NGO Members Package

Designed for the most difficult conditions of use, the X-BOLT SF Composite has a buttstock made of high-resistance composite materials and coated with Dura-Touch® for improved handling. The barrel, the breech block, and the other metal parts are anti-reflective matt blued. All you need to do is contact the NGO and we will send youContinue reading “The Browning X-Bolt NGO Members Package”

The Game Keepers’ Welfare Trust ia launching an online service to support Gamekeepers wives and partners.

The HIND initiative is a new support chain organised by the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust In case you wondered HIND is an acronym for: Helping you understand mental health issues Instigating new ways of communication Nurturing yourself and each other Developing resilience July 29th 2020 The Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust (GWT) is launching a new initiative toContinue reading “The Game Keepers’ Welfare Trust ia launching an online service to support Gamekeepers wives and partners.”

Where does Venison come from?

From Estate to plate. Have you ever wondered where venison comes from, is it ethically sourced and sustainable, and is the meat traceable throughout the whole process? if so then this is the film for you. This is the first film to be released in the latest project from the National Gamekeepers Organisation. We willContinue reading “Where does Venison come from?”

NGO YouTube Channel

The NGO have been working on developing another social media platform and we are pleased to announce a new official YouTube channel that is now live. The content will vary but many of the films that are going to be released will showcase the good work that gamekeepers do and the environmental, economic and conservationContinue reading “NGO YouTube Channel”

The Hen Harrier Recovery Project

The Hen Harrier Recovery Project is not just focused on the uplands. Natural England have been working with local stakeholders in Wiltshire and in Spain to source and release hen harriers onto a reserve on Salisbury plain. The plain is surrounded by game shooting and Simon Lester who is working on this project for NaturalContinue reading “The Hen Harrier Recovery Project”

Tweed Clad Super Heroes!

by John Clarke, Developement Officer North. It is not only Brighton Beach that has seen a huge increase in visitors in recent weeks our uplands are suffering a similar fate. Huge volumes of visitors to the Peak District National Park have caused untold damage through the use of disposable BBQ’s. Last night (25th June) yetContinue reading “Tweed Clad Super Heroes!”

Taking the financial worry out of hospital stays

It’s easy to take good health for granted. When you are fit and well it’s natural to assume you will – despite the occasional cold or other minor illness – remain fit and well. But regardless of how much you exercise and watch your diet, your physical well-being is fragile and prone at any timeContinue reading “Taking the financial worry out of hospital stays”

Keepers guide to the BGA Audit

A breakdown of what can be expected when you have your audit. How the BGA Audit Process Works  – A Keepers Guide The BGA shoot audit process will involve the keeper, manager or owner and the member of staff who maintains and keeps records. This could be one person or a combination of all dependingContinue reading “Keepers guide to the BGA Audit”

MKM Agriculture: Experts in the ATV industry

We are an ATV specialist covering the East of England from our headquarters on the Deacon family farm in Marston Moreteyne, Bedfordshire and our second branch in Ixworth Thorpe, Suffolk. We are the only company in the UK that can offer all 4 of the leading ATV brands (Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda) from one showroom.   From a farming background, all 3Continue reading “MKM Agriculture: Experts in the ATV industry”