Sporting Saint – Gundog Training Equipment

Sporting Saint is a Specialist Worldwide Supplier and manufacturer of Quality Gundog Training Equipment – Catering for all aspects of gundog training. Beginner through to Advanced level We are a small family owned business that train and work our own gundogs, enjoy days out , picking up, beating, shooting or simple socialising. Philippa Jones (Mrs) foundedContinue reading “Sporting Saint – Gundog Training Equipment”

2 Cocker Spaniels Stolen from a Kennel in Suffolk.

Please keep your eyes peeled so that we can get these two dogs back to their rightful owners. Black cocker: 6 years old, quite laid back personally until you say the magic words, until then he never leaves my side. Many times I used to take him in the pub with me after a shootContinue reading “2 Cocker Spaniels Stolen from a Kennel in Suffolk.”