Defra’s research on dog e-collars is “very seriously flawed and should not be relied on”

The scientific case for Defra’s proposed ban on training dogs with electronic collars has fallen apart. Bias in Defra’s research has been revealed along with a prima facie reason for that bias: the Department knew that the academics it was commissioning for its £539,000 research project had campaigned against e-collars. Four separate expert reviews haveContinue reading “Defra’s research on dog e-collars is “very seriously flawed and should not be relied on””

Dog thefts, an increasing problem.

With Dog thefts on the increase across the country never has there been a more important time to look at the security measures that you can put in place to keep you dogs safe. Every week we are hearing reports of dogs stolen from kennels or from vehicles, and the stress and worry of havingContinue reading “Dog thefts, an increasing problem.”

Training future wildlife cops.

Over the past two weeks Lancashire Police has been running a Covid safe training course for 60 of its officers. The NGO along with BASC have been involved in running elements of the training course for new wildlife police Officers and officers who work in rural locations in the North West of England. Attending theContinue reading “Training future wildlife cops.”

Sporting Saint – Gundog Training Equipment

Sporting Saint is a Specialist Worldwide Supplier and manufacturer of Quality Gundog Training Equipment – Catering for all aspects of gundog training. Beginner through to Advanced level We are a small family owned business that train and work our own gundogs, enjoy days out , picking up, beating, shooting or simple socialising. Philippa Jones (Mrs) foundedContinue reading “Sporting Saint – Gundog Training Equipment”

New canned game meat pet food selection pack

A canned selection pack has been added to a game meat range from Natures Menu based in Norfolk in the UK. The Country Hunter Game Meat Selection packs contain 12 x 400g cans that feature the newly refreshed County Hunter branding. The range, which includes Duck, Pheasant & Goose, Wild Venison and Wild Boar, isContinue reading “New canned game meat pet food selection pack”

2 Cocker Spaniels Stolen from a Kennel in Suffolk.

Please keep your eyes peeled so that we can get these two dogs back to their rightful owners. Black cocker: 6 years old, quite laid back personally until you say the magic words, until then he never leaves my side. Many times I used to take him in the pub with me after a shootContinue reading “2 Cocker Spaniels Stolen from a Kennel in Suffolk.”