General Licences 2021

New General Licences come into effect on 1 January 2021 New licences published today (Monday 9 November) by Defra for the control of birds such as woodpigeons, crows and magpies have been given a mixed reception by the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO). The General Licences (GL40, GL41 and GL42) will come into effect throughout England on 1Continue reading “General Licences 2021”

Dog thefts, an increasing problem.

With Dog thefts on the increase across the country never has there been a more important time to look at the security measures that you can put in place to keep you dogs safe. Every week we are hearing reports of dogs stolen from kennels or from vehicles, and the stress and worry of havingContinue reading “Dog thefts, an increasing problem.”

Covid Guidelines as of the 31st October 2020

We are waiting for further Government information since the announcement on Saturday 31 October and we will, as ever, keep members up to date via email, our website or social media pages. From the information that has been issued so far, it is clear that recreational game shooting will be on pause for the durationContinue reading “Covid Guidelines as of the 31st October 2020”

Shooting within Covid19 rules

The guidelines brought in on the 14th September can and are changing daily, so a one size fits all advice policy is not possible, therefore you must keep up to speed with what is happening in your locality, the NGO’s website will give you the latest national information, but for local lockdown it is alsoContinue reading “Shooting within Covid19 rules”

Training future wildlife cops.

Over the past two weeks Lancashire Police has been running a Covid safe training course for 60 of its officers. The NGO along with BASC have been involved in running elements of the training course for new wildlife police Officers and officers who work in rural locations in the North West of England. Attending theContinue reading “Training future wildlife cops.”

A record breaking Year for Hen Harriers

For the third year running we have seen big increases in successful nest and chick numbers. It is reported on the GOV.UK site that 60 chicks fledged from 19 nests with twelve nests reported on land managed for grouse shooting. Overall this spring has seen great successes with all species of raptors doing well onContinue reading “A record breaking Year for Hen Harriers”

Association for Responsible Dog Owners (ARDO) Responds to the Scottish Government.

Response form the Association of Responsible Dog Owners (ARDO) in responseto the Scottish Parliament Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee ‘call forevidence’ concerning the proposed Dogs (Protection of Livestock) (Amendment)(Scotland) Bill.ARDO welcomes what we consider to be a much-needed focus on the issue ofdogs worrying and attacking livestock (and indeed other animals).We commend Emma Harper MSPContinue reading “Association for Responsible Dog Owners (ARDO) Responds to the Scottish Government.”

NGO Moorland Branch Keeper tackles Tim Birch’s Disney World view of Conservation.

NGO Moorland Branch member Richard Bailey talks openly on todays Farming Programme. the radio 4 programme took a well balanced stance which was a refreshing change. it is clear though that the view points are polarised to say the least, but how can anybody believe that Tim Birch’s Disney Eutopian world would work is beyondContinue reading “NGO Moorland Branch Keeper tackles Tim Birch’s Disney World view of Conservation.”

Grouse shooting essential for the survival of Moorland Communities, new study finds

Universityof Northampton researchers conduct wide ranging survey intoeconomic and social effects of the sport on moorland communities Professor Simon Denny and Tracey Latham Green of the Institute for Social Innovation and Impact at the University of Northampton have conducted a new study into the economic and social effects of integrated moo rland management including grouseContinue reading “Grouse shooting essential for the survival of Moorland Communities, new study finds”

Solo, A Bowland Success Story.

Yet another good news story from one of the private shooting estates in the Forest of Bowland. After the RSPBs claim of wholesale raptor persecution during lockdown the truth is now becoming very clear, infact Raptors are doing very well indeed on managed ground. So well, that a leading Harrier expert stated that this isContinue reading “Solo, A Bowland Success Story.”