Host an educational visit – help educate

Brian Hayes from the NGO’s charity the Educational Trust urges you as ‘wildlife wardens’ to spread the word by inviting others to see your work. In 2022 the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation celebrates its 25th anniversary so now is the time for all keepers to help get the message of gamekeeping and conservation working hand toContinue reading “Host an educational visit – help educate”

The NGO fights for shooting in Wales

Statement in response to letter from Julie James, Minister for Climate Change, Welsh Government The NGO will continue to fight for shooting in Wales, after the ‘Aim to Sustain’ partnership received a letter from Julie James, Minister for Climate Change in Wales, who emphasised that: ‘The Welsh Government does not support the shooting of liveContinue reading “The NGO fights for shooting in Wales”

Ford UK announces new Ranger Pick Up for 2023

Ford today put the global pick-up world on notice by revealing the smartest, most versatile and most capable Ranger ever – delivering an even more desirable pick-up partner for customers. Using years of Ford truck expertise and deep understanding of truck customers, the company collaborated with customers around the globe to create a vehicle andContinue reading “Ford UK announces new Ranger Pick Up for 2023”

What’s in a name?

If you weren’t called a gamekeeper what would you be called? In last month’s edition of the NGO’s Keeping the Balance magazine, it raised a thorny question and looked at the arguments on both sides of the debate. Back in the spring, Guns on Pegs ran an article asking whether gamekeepers should change the nameContinue reading “What’s in a name?”

Hold’em Tight

Marsdens Game Feeds has been designing and manufacturing quality feed for the game community for over 60 years. The consistent, high quality, nutritious feeds cater to wide-ranging shoot sizes; from large partridge shoots like Iford Downs, to small family-friendly syndicate shoots like the Bagsby and Kelfield. Marsdens diets are tailored to support stronger, healthier game birds, allContinue reading “Hold’em Tight”

A Gamekeepers’ Life: Austin Weldon tells us about life as a New Forest keeper

A passion – pure and simple (photos by Lee Knight) Where are you based? I work for Forestry England covering the New Forest’s Burley beat in Hampshire. You are a keeper but not in the obvious sense, please explain your role to us? The New Forest was designated as a hunting area by King WilliamContinue reading “A Gamekeepers’ Life: Austin Weldon tells us about life as a New Forest keeper”

Shaping Birds Up for a Successful 2021 Season

As we approach autumn, many are prepping birds for the beginning of the shooting season. Protecting bird health and supporting vitality by ensuring the provision of optimal nutrition is always key post release, when new environmental and disease challenges pose a greater risk to bird fitness and survivability.   Supporting gut health is fundamental in helpingContinue reading “Shaping Birds Up for a Successful 2021 Season”

Setting up Poults for Success Naturally

Great days in the field in any season are all about the planning and setting birds up for success. Establishing the right physical foundations for your poults to enable the bird to achieve optimal performance, will not only result in well-developed birds capable of “flying high” to keep customers returning year on year but ensureContinue reading “Setting up Poults for Success Naturally”

A Gamekeepers’ Life: Ian Sleightholm is Chairman of the Moorland Branch of the NGO and lives and works in Wensleydale

Ian Sleightholm is Chairman of the Moorland Branch of the NGO. Born and raised in Wensleydale, Ian has lived and worked in the area all his life. Where do you work and why? I work at Bolton Castle estate in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, where I have been Headkeeper for thirteen seasons. I was born andContinue reading “A Gamekeepers’ Life: Ian Sleightholm is Chairman of the Moorland Branch of the NGO and lives and works in Wensleydale”